I Do?

A light-hearted documentary about the crazy concept of marriage.

When we say I do, what exactly do we say yes to?

It's commiserating with broken souls and celebrating long-lasting love affairs, all with a sense of humor and based in true reality.  Whether newly engaged, planning a wedding or married for years, it is a must-see feature-length documentary for anyone in a relationship.

small town ROBOT

​BIG world ideas.

Greenbush, Minnesota, a town of 719 people with a high school robotics team that goes

head-to-head and heart-to-heart with the world.


FIRST Robotics is not just about competing at the global championships, it may be a good start to changing how the world works. We follow team 5172 into the world arena and see what it takes to be a robotic David in a Goliath world.


A documentary short.


Thomas D. Mangelsen

Finding our connection to Nature and Nature's generous connection to us through the life and lens of world-renowned photographer and conservationist, Thomas D. Mangelsen (and his muse, 399, the most famous grizzly in the world).

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A Moving Pictures, Inc. production, in association with C2G2 Productions and Mangelsen, Inc.

Director/DP/Editor - Joe B

DP:  Gui Garcia